Sentai Villains Who Were Victims of Insanity

I just thought of Super Sentai villains and their utter moments of insanity... some of these are subject to reader's objections and comments why they don't agree on some people I've listed...

Mazurka- After realizing she was being used as a disposable pawn to destroy the Goggle V's headquarters, she went crazy and tried to take down Deathgiller with her.  I personally felt sorry for her in this episode.

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Ahames- In episode 53 of Changeman, after she realized Bazoo never keeps her promises, he snapped out of her sanity to the point she eventually came barging into the Changemen's headquarters, destroying it while begging Bazoo to return back her home planet to her resulting to her death.  I just thought that Ahames' death was worth getting mixed about- do I hate her or do I pity her?

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Dordora- In episode 46 of Fiveman, Dordora went into utter insanity when she realized she was just used y Vulgyre and everything she lived for was meaningless.  Vulgyre then forcibly fuses her with Zaza to create the new monster Rose Dolgin which the Fivemen eventually defeated using Star Five.

Radiguet- Well it doesn't matter what episode it's been, he's been insane for too long and he gets more insane the more powerful he gets.  What's really freaky about his insanity is that he's a genocidal maniac at best without any care whatsoever for the lives of others- even his fellow comrades aren't safe from him.  To avoid learning about love (he's lust-driven) he kills Saki in episode 19, a girl who cared for him while he was an amnesiac.  Later just for the sake of finishing where he started, he literally murders the last of of the Dimensians- Rei, Kanna and Dan just to fulfill his bloodlust and obey his rage for blood.  Eventually he showed signs of real mental breakdown late in the series after he absorbed the Veronica's power, making him more temperamental than he was at the start.

Tranza- In episode 47 of Jetman, I really thought that Tranza really snapped after he was defeated by the Jetmen with the Fire Bazooka.  While Radiguet finally got even with him, he was slipping off and everything went away as while he thought he had his revenge on the others, Radiguet backfired at him.  I really felt like that after his defeat, he was forced into a mental institution where he will suffer for the rest of his life.

Maria- From episodes 48-49 of Jetman, Maria herself went insane after Radiguet used a parasitic starfish to make her crave for power.  The more power she got, the more out of herself she became and only thought of sucking blood to become more powerful.  Ryu's love for her managed to snap her out of insanity, however Radiguet killed her mercilessly when he realized he can't have her.

Shaddam- In the final episodes, he went more insane than his own master was.  While he maintained a more sound mind at the beginning, still being able to clear properly and plan everything out but the moment he became Gorma XVI, the You energy eventually clouded his judgment making him more dangerous than Gorma XV.  This insanity led to his downfall.

Gien- For him who was transformed into a cyborg, he was getting more unstable which concerned his master Dolnero.  He snapped one day, went quite out of himself to the point of just merrily destroying everything.  Eventually he passed out, his former self resurfacing.


  1. It's too soon to tell, Enter may be heading to the same direction from his failures and pressures from Messiah.


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