My Favorite Super Sentai Villain Songs

Here are my favorite Super Sentai villain songs. They are:

Tube's theme song was really badass.  I really like how the Unglers danced to it in episode 47 to awaken the "god of war".  It had its pretty badass instrumentals and creepy theme to it.

Vyram's theme song had the 80s mix mentioning some of the different Jigens.  I really love how creepy and how much of a dance music it is at the same time.  However I doubt it Radiguet will appreciate the song.

Bandora has her song which while she declares herself the greatest witch on Earth, she also calls her followers to dance with her.  This is my favorite song by the late Soga Machiko.

The Negative Syndicate's theme song is just funny for me.  It's one of my favorites.  I love how funny the tune can get as well.  Well I doubt it Ryoun and Yaiba would like this song.

Now if you have your favorites, don't be afraid to comment.


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