What I See as Stupid Enemy Plots to Conquer Humanity

I really would like to list some of the lamest monster of the week plots to take over and they are...

Cranium Dobler was unleashed by Zeba to start switching people's faces one after the other.  It may work for the Gedou in an effort to cause distress to rise up the Sanzu River but not for Tube imo.  For me, such a plan was silly because compared to most of Tube's plans that really didn't render laughs, the idea of swapping faces is visually funny.

Tomato King turning everybody into tomato heads.  I think that merely turning everyone into tomato heads isn't a feasible genocidal scheme for Vyram.  What was Tranza thinking?!

Dora Endos' sneezing powder.  I just thought that true sneezing is a nuisance but unless this monster were unleashing a deadly plague along with it, just simple sneezing alone for me is plain ridiculous for takeover standards.

Senden's use of flyers and propaganda was just stupid that is... for taking over the Earth.  After all the Zangyacks already established their reputation of being invaders in the first place. :P

Next I might write on wacky monster plots that REALLY are effective!  As for anything else, can you name your list too?  Thanks.


  1. Well most Carrangers Bowzack plot was pretty useless and looney!


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