My Favorite Red Ranger Fist Techniques

Here's a list of my favorite Super Sentai red ranger fist techiques namely...

Kenichi/Goggle Red's Red Punch in Goggle V was just awesome delivering all those blows.  I'm glad he managed to use it more than once.  It was fun to see him use it against Deathgiller in their first one-on-one duel.  I guess we all see it in slow motion but it's really done that fast!

Takeru/Red Mask had this powerful "god fist" attack which her refused to believe was real but Sugata corrected such faulty thinking.  He was learning of the "god fist" technique.  I say that whole punch was awesome since it really punched the stomach of the monster with a hole but amazingly the monster lived from that :P.  Maybe I should add this into the list of the insanely awesome moments.  Regardless, I consider this the ultimate fist of the 80s Super Sentai especially with its interesting backstory.  

Ryu/Red Hawk had his own special punch attack in Jetman but it had his Wing Gauntlet needed.  My favorite moment was when he used his special punch attack against the second Hammer Chameleon, which really packed a PUNCH.  

Ryou/Ryuuranger's multiple fist attack that he developed to beat the Pot Taoist.  While he first does a few kicks to get himself prompted, he executes a multiple, super lighting fast fist attack that really would bruise up the monster.  One, two, I can't count it!  After the many punches, he ends it up with a huge painful squeeze on Pot Taoist's forehead which releases his teammates.  


  1. You forgot Vul Eagle 1 Eagle Wings attack, Dynared's Magnum Square Punch which is the forerunner of Ryurangers' Dragon Punch used against the Pot Taoist. Back to Ryo he developed this move to defeat Demon Boxer Jin but minus the lighting and camera graphics. It would have looked cool if he beat Jin to death in the form of a Pegasus Ryusei Fist from Saint Seiya.

  2. Other Red that are the noble bada** and should have a death punch is Tyranoranger Geki and Ohred Goro Hoshino as well as he was a master of Karate. But Oh Green makes it up with his Boxing attack .


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