Is Messiah Returning?!

So here's what's going on with Gobusters lately.  I've read at Jefusion on a possible return for Messiah.  Based on what I've read Enter is STILL ALIVE.  Also, just for spoilers, Messiah was scattered into twelve pieces hinting that "he" may not be dead, or that I feel like an apocalyptic battle could be coming sooner than we think.  So if the twelve cards are regathered, this could mean this- if Messiah DOES revive, he could soon take over the world systems and cause general panic, maybe even cause a real apocalyptic finale to come.  It could mean this for the world...

I did take this RPM screenshot (for illustration reasons) and WHAT IF the Messiah virus will soon decimate much of the world for the climatic episodes?  Hopefully not.  But whatever, I might just as well sit tight.  Maybe I'm not completely done with Gobuster compared to Goseiger.  So I just had my hypothesis- if the twelve cards are gathered, this virus could soon infect the whole world, create his final form and the Gobusters may need to help broken mankind rebuild itself in the finale.  Maybe there might be more secrets behind Vaglass than we know.


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