Recent Thoughts on Gobuster

Well here's what I recently think of Gobuster...

Hiromu's fear of chickens finally explained.  I really think that it's an unresolved trauma especially when he got attacked by one.

In episode 30 called "Messiah Shutdown" the Messiah virus has been defeated by the Gobusters.  Is he gone for good or will he manage to reboot?  Only time will tell.  I just thought perhaps this episode was written to give Gobusters some retooling due to its non-popularity with kids.

Meanwhile why the Gobusters meeting the new Gavan?  I just thought that this episode may appeal to me but what of kids who are ignorant of Gavan's existence?  Hmmm... I'll have to sit through to see what happens but I got to admit, I feel like Gobusters is Yasuko Kobayashi's burnout season due to the fact, I feel like I'm not that interested with the series.  Just my thoughts.


  1. After seeing the 2 parter, there are resolutions and progress but still we have 2 more story that is now focus on Gavan! It is cool to now say that the Toei Toku universe is one and good to see character interactions. But really it is a publicity stunt to promote the movie and to raise the rating circuit. Back to the Hyperspace arc without ruining it. For me the action and thrills was what I wanted but Nothing is absolute and Varglass will be back.

  2. I have the same confusion with episode 30, it feels like an ending, but it was so rushed. I feels like a last minute decision to end Messiah. What's more disappointing is how we only see that form of Messiah for that episode only. I do like the happy and sad ending, but they packed way too much in this episode. Also the series could possibly continue with Escape? I just hope what's next after the Gavan arc isn't something bad.

  3. erm, beet buster unconscious in a box? Well, why nobody see that this may turn as a hint for what happen next...


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