Sentai Rangers and their Insanity Moments

Well I'm doing my own version of the post inspired by Fantasy Leader's post here.  Only this time I'll do my focus on Super Sentai rangers.  Here they are:

Yuuma Ozora/Change Pegasus- The thought of having his powers gone because of Ahames was too much for this young soldier to bear in episode 35 of Changeman.

Akira/Blue Mask- In the Fencer Unas arc, Akira was going insane when the underground rebels were hoping for the resurrection of Unas, to which the original Unas was a warrior of the Igam clan.  Before falling under mind control, he went horribly insane thanks to the chanting.

Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk- Now this is one of those moments in Jetman that I really felt myself in it. Ryu went crazy that while he was able to momentarily reunite with Rie Aoi, Radiguet restored her back to being a Vyram.  The result was that Maria continued to torture him to the point he closed his mind to reality, pretending he was still with Rie.  It took Gai Yuki's fists to awaken him.  Later the insanity returned after he witnessed Radiguet kill Rie, to which he lost his senses and decided to finish Radiguet off himself nearly killing him.

Burai/Dragon Ranger- I would count him as a victim of insanity.  He awakened after what could be millions of years of slumber, he goes rampaging just about everything and he had his hatred towards his brother Geki, which is most likely displaced hatred after seeing his father slain by the Yamato King, he believes that Geki is now his prime target.  I just thought that he became insane after holding the Hellfriede Sword, which caused him to do things that are pretty crazy especially in trying to kill Bandora himself after she thought she had defeated the Zyurangers for good.  His insanity moments were soon ended when a tear from his eyes ironically destroyed the Hellfriede Sword for good.

Ikkou Kasumi/Kabuto Raiger- He went insane thanks to a mind-altering gas in episode 17.  He was however rescued and saved by the Hurricangers.

Mikoto Nakadai/Abarekiller- He appeared as a cruel and unstable adversary, the reason behind his insanity was that he had a portion of Dezumoryla within him making him go insane as time passed by.  However he was able to overcome it, redeem himself and die a hero's death.


  1. In Dairanger during the Dai Mugen story, a heinous plot devised by the Goma Horned Priest to kidnap Kazu and make him wear a cursed mask so he can do there biddings.Even though Kazu was controlled, he fought of spell in the point of insanity.
    In Hurricanegers, of episode 17. Kabuto Raiger gets sprayed with a mind altering gas and goes insane while pushing two kids away from harm and redeeming his hatred for the Hurricanegers. Of course he gets rescued and saved.
    Finally in Abarangers, Mikoto who is a brilliant surgeon with evil and sadistic tendencies menaced our heroes for the rest of the series. It is revealed that he possessed the other half of Dezumozorlya entity since he was born and it is the reason of his evil and psychotic nature. For the final 5 episode he redeems and dies valiantly.

  2. It is ironic to see Shiro Izumi in 2 times of Insanity moments. However I can't see Ozura losing it as Aahmes steals his powers. If that was the reason the Earth Defense Force would know he would be unstable and would have a discharge. Also us the viewers would not have trust for the character because of his' fragilitie.


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