Sentai's Evil Science-Based Enemy Organizations

I would like to pay some tribute to Sentai's evil science organizations which their main arsenal was mainly... well evil science and it's what kept them going. Some of them used magic though. They are:

Black Cross Army relied mostly on cybernetics.

Black Magma was a cybernetic empire that was actually under the rule of a brain-like organism that calls itself the Black Solar God.

Deathdark Organization was led by scientists and its leader was the gene-spliced monster known as Fuehrer Taboo. Two of its scientists namely Igaana and Zazoriya were killed by Deathmark.

Jashinka was an advanced race of underground humans whose scientific breakthroughs are just too amazing. Chimera used both magic and science in her arsenal.

Gear Empire at first, it seemed that the Big Three and Farrah Cat were human but they weren't. Dr. Man is the only technical android. For a human-based scientist-led evil empire, they ended up fighting against extraterrestrial energy. They were a mechanical organization.

Gozma was mainly ran on evil science with its use of technology to expand Bazoo the Living Planet's empire. They had bred several monsters from other planets that agreed to serve Bazoo.

Reconstructive Empire Mess, messed around with all genetics in the universe literally to create its monsters.

Volt which was led by Great Professor Bias. The officers themselves are science students who seek to use their own knowledge to conquer the world. They combined the aspects of bio-engineering with cybernetics.

Zone Empire used mostly evil science in their conquests to give its ruler "Meadow" (actually Vulgyre) all the power in the universe with the destruction of 1,000 planets.

Vyram used high technology breakthrough which may have mixed occultism into them, because some of the monsters seem to have magical properties as well. Well, Radiguet and Tranza seemed to be sorcerers themselves.

The Baranoia Empire was purely technological, no hocus-pocus stuff whatsoever.

The Bowzock used weird technological breakthroughs and were somewhat led by a master of both science and occultism in Emperor Exhaus. They also had some magic though but it wasn't very used that often.

The Nejirejia had the highest evil science available during their tenure in Megaranger. It used both alien and Earth technology. Its second in command Dr. Hinelar managed to use whatever he learned to eventually betray Javious.

Missed any? Let me know!


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