Super Sentai Teams that Time Traveled to the Past Before and After Timeranger

So far, there were some time travel episodes in certain seasons of Super Sentai before the dawn of Mirai Sentai Timeranger. These were as far as I can remember:

Choshinsei Flashman had Dr. Tokimura use time travel which he discovered Sara was his long lost daughter. Through this, Sara discovered her parentage. Sadly, she can't visit them any longer after the bittersweet finale of this awesome show.

Hikari Sentai Maskman episode 38 entitled "Time to Erase Takeru". This was when the Maskmen traveled back in time to stop Princess Igam and Fuumin from eliminating the younger Takeru. Although Maskman was a dark season, this was quite a funny episode because the others discovered Takeru's dreadful childhood secret- he wasn't what he boasted to be. :-P

In Liveman episode 34 entitled "Love That Runs through the Future and Present!", Dr. Ashura traveled into the future in the year 2003. Ironically, it was probably the time when Hurricanger was having its finale. XP

Chojin Sentai Jetman episode 26 "I Become A Primitive" where they fought against Dimension Mammoth and the Jetmen were bounced back into the stone age. Raita's intervention in the past caused him to be carved in the cave walls. Also, Kaori's supposed ancestor was there too.

In Abaranger we see Ryoga, Ranru and Yukito sent back to the Edo Era.  There they met the ancestors of Emiri and Ryu-san.  

In Gekiranger, Rageku's secret ring sends the Gekirangers to the Edo era.

In Goseiger, Alata was sent back into the past.

Missed any? Let me know!


  1. there was one episode in gekiranger in which the gekirangers, rio and mele went to the Edo era.

  2. Flashman had some time traveling. Doctor Tokimura made a time machine, which played a major part in trying to figure out who his child from 20 years ago was. The time traveling stuff is how Sara found out who her parents were.

    In episode 34 of Liveman, Dr. Ashura travels into the year 2003 (ironically when Hurricaneger was getting adapted). xD The guest of the week would then travel back to 1988 and would meet Jou.

    In Magiranger, N Ma used time magic to bring the Magirangers into a post-apocolyptic world.

    Just recently in Goseiger, Alata accidentally got sent back into the past.

  3. @Fantasy Leader- Hurricanger was adapted in 2002. Just remember the following:

    2000- Timeranger (maybe in honor of the new millenium)

    2001- Gaoranger

    2002- Hurricanger

    I hope this clears things up.

  4. @ Sean

    Yeah, Hurricanger aired in 2002. Then it was "adapted" into Ninja Storm in 2003. That's what I was saying. xD


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