Poll Result as of November 30, 2010

1.) What do you prefer as a non-Japanese speaker?

From 121 votes, we have 105 for subbing and 16 for dubbing. I wonder where these voters come from? North America?

2.) Types of Sentai fans ranking (out of 123 votes)

PR Sentai fan- 37 votes
Sentai tokusatsu exclusive fan- 23 votes
Tokusatsu collector fan- 18 votes
80s were the best Sentai fan- 15 votes (must be my batchmates)
I hate Power Rangers fan- 13 votes (Tanba's fellow fanboys are here)
2000 Were the Best Sentai fan- 5 votes
Asian lover fan- 4 votes
It's all Power Rangers for me fan- 3 votes
Just in for the pretty girls fan- 3 votes
The 90s were the best Sentai fan- 2 votes
Never heard of any Sentai after Jetman fan- NONE (hee hee)


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