Some New Sentai Cast Photos Found As Of November 23, 2010

Photos once again taken from Henshin Grid:

Mitsuomi Takahashi has never looked this cool. I honestly get reminded of Tommy from Dino Thunder here.

I like Mitsuomi Takahashi's hair here than in Boukenger.

Tsuyoshi Hayashi in a hat and jacket. Well, his PR SPD counterpart Chris Violette had a similar photo before. Did they meet?!

Yasuhisa Furuhara in his dressing room. Is he already into J-Drama lately?


  1. their all set to return back to Sentai for next year , theirs a big rumour cast list and alo of the actors are giving out hints like photo locations and writing hints can't wait

    Example Rin had the same photo as Shinken Pink stunt women one day apart same location and Bouken Red and Go-On Red have aphoto together today on the fourms :)!

  2. Wee! i want to see them back! Goseiger bores me!


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