Early Thoughts on Gokaiger

Gokaiger- the first episode is kind of what I'd call a stroke of genius from Naruhisa Arakawa. They did make their first appearance in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger in cameo just as the Goseigers made their cameo appearance in Shinkenger vs. Go-onger. Well here's just some of my thoughts from pictures found from Henshin Grid:

The idea of a flying ship is cool and the music rocks too both opening and ending themes. As usual, I like most Super Sentai themes over Power Rangers themes but let's not fight about it okay?

The Gokaigers look like a promising bunch. So far here's my first impressions on them:
  • Captain Marvelous/Gokai Red- Why do I get the feeling he's royalty? He looks kinda cocky if you ask me.
  • Joe Gibken/Gokai Blue- He's the most pirate-like of the group and he's the most calm of the group, probably more sensible than Captain Marvelous.
  • Luka Millfy/Gokai Yellow- Although she's a woman, she's the ship's lookout. She's the only one in the group with Caucasian features. She's the chick IMO. I'm shipping her and red. She has klepto... which she must overcome.
  • Don Dogodeir/Gokai Green- The team mechanic. Damon Henderson from Lost Galaxy anyone?
  • Ahim de Famille/Gokai Pink- Kind of too girly. She has a very Spanish name for somebody who looks too Japanese.
The names are kind of well... foreign. Too bad Super Sentai has a hard time getting a multiracial team due to language barriers but oh well. Searching for the ultimate treasure, they end up becoming justice fighters. Talk about fate! I feel a little bit of Dairugger XV concept here with explorations and meeting new enemies.

The robot's kind of cool if you ask me. I find it better than Goseiger's IMO.

Once again the Sentai timeline is pretty confused. What caused the Legend War?

The Zangyack says that their emperor (still to be named) was defeated in the Legend War. Hmmm... has the Sentai timeline been established? Is Ohranger vs. Kakuranger a result of time distortions?

And well, Mao Ichimichi is really the hot chick of the show with her mixed type of beauty. Why do I like mixing Oriental stuff with Caucasian stuff? LOL. Why do I get such a feeling?

By the way, off-topic I hope PR Samurai's writers will improve their script!


  1. Where do you get the idea that Yellow is "the chick?" Pink is the one that wears a frilly dress and pink coat, sits around sipping tea, is the one that wants to help people while her teammates ignore them ...

  2. Where do you get the idea that Yellow is "the chick?" Pink is the one that wears a frilly dress and pink coat, sits around sipping tea, is the one that wants to help people while her teammates ignore them ...

    Is Ichimichi Mao really mixed-race?

  3. @PIF Lover and Charley Says-

    The "chick" here means the babe of the show. I am NOT using TV Tropes here though.

    @Charley Says-

    Anyway, I am not sure of Ichimichi Mao is mixed race, it's just my speculation. :-P

  4. I loved this episode so much. =)

    Sean, race doesn't decide what their names are. I'm sure there's plenty of Japanese people with non-Japanese names.

    Also, I really don't see why you're confused about the timeline. There's NO Sentai timeline. In fact, the Legend War should be proof of that. I'm certain Gokaiger is it's own continuity, just like the previous 34 seasons. We've had different things happen to the dinosaurs in Zyu, Aba, and Bouken. Plus, we have deceased characters like Black Condor, Dragon Ranger, Time Fire, and AbareKiller fighting in the Legend War. There's just no way that all 35 seasons are connected.

  5. @Fantasy Leader-

    Concerning the Legend War, it reminds me of the time I used to be a fan of the Super Robot Wars series where many of the events are not canon to the actual super robot shows. Voltes V wasn't canon to Golion, Golion wasn't canon to Dairugger, etc. they were all their own continuity.

    Speaking of Sentai continuity, I think it keeps the franchise more sensible because in reality, the Earth can't withstand such terror.

    However we do remember a time when Kamen Rider from Ichigo-RX were all in the same timeline don't we?

    By the way speaking of the dinosaurs in Zyu, Aba and Bouken (and since Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers is just not canon because we wrote it) you gave me an idea of linking the incidents together in such a way.

  6. About Kamen Rider, it was officially said by Toei that Black is it's own continuity. There were also many things about RX that just didn't make sense within the continuity of Black.

    Each Sentai show is separate. There's really no need to try and forcefully mash them all together into one continuity. Heck, we could even go as far and say that Sentai, Metal Heroes, and Kamen Rider are all in one continuity. But we don't. And it's much better that way. Each sentai season wasn't made with the thought of them being in a single timeline. If they were all in one timeline, then that pretty much wrecks all 35 stories. Like, Ohranger took place in 1999, yet in the Timeranger special, they say it took place in 1995. That's just not possible.

    I understand that it would be cool if all sentai was in one timeline. But it causes too many problems, and it's already been established many times that each season is on their own.

  7. @Sean and Fantasy

    I watched a subbed episode earlier today. Apparently, the legend war took place in the past, and this series takes place in a very near future. The warriors could have used time travel, magic, or replacements for fallen soldiers or whatnot. Don't think too much of it, because continuity conundrums will give you a headache and stop you from enjoying the show. Also, Pink's name is more French than Spanish. And I'm glad you like Luca!

  8. @ThatChick-

    By the way, may I know your email address?

  9. love this one. the show give in many questions that need to exploit later. What is the timeline between great war and current gokaiger, the greatest tresure, how the gokaiger can access the 34 sentai keys etc.

  10. How they access the keys? A certain character from Boukenger vs Super Sentai...


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