My View on Super Sentai Female Leaders

Well I don't know why this crossed my head but, here goes on my opinions on the various female leaders in Super Sentai:

Tsurihime- beauty, brains, body plus leadership skills- she seems to be the perfect woman. Well I have to agree that despite the fact I'm a male, Sasuke's leadership skills are not as good as hers although he is technically the field leader but she was the overall leader.

Yuuri- Unlike Tsurihime, she's a tough one, tough as nails and I personally think she's the kind of woman I would fall for if she gave me a fist. Also, she's really the most developed pink ranger in Super Sentai IMO not only because she's the actual leader of the Timerangers but also because of her backstory with Don Dinero who was responsible for murdering her family in the 31st Century. Also, her star-crossed romance with Tatsuya did give more drama as it was already obvious they won't be together. So overall, kinda tragic but it makes her what she is. What I didn't like about her is that she's a VERY BAD cook. Let her and Mako run the kitchen and everybody will die... LOL!

Ran Uzaki- Although she was named team captain in episode 23, I find it crazy how she lacked focus. I would rather obey her than Jan if you ask me. Also the first female yellow ranger to have much leadership skills.

Kaoru Shiba- She is the first female red ranger in history who appeared in episode 44 up to the end, although she had done less fighting. She was an interesting character with how she ran the team and how she decided to let Takeru lead again even if it meant doing the absurd by adopting somebody older than she was. What I liked best about her was how she dealt with Tanba with her fan and how she teamed up with Genta Umemori to help the others. Some fans like her, some fans dislike her, I liked her quite a bit (in terms of character) that I decided to make her a character in my fan-fiction of Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers. What I didn't like about her was that she was weapons reliant or that she adopted Takeru.


  1. I knew for a fact that they wouldn't make Kaoru a negative character, being that she was the first female red ranger. And I had a feeling she wouldn't be a bratty princess because of that. This was a tremendous first step in sentai, and they handled it nicely. I'd rather follow Ran any day than Jan. Like i've said on my blog, Ran was the only one fit to leave the team. And the thing about Gekiranger is that the theme is balance, so there is no hierarchy in the team, it's all about the triangle. Everyone is equal. But if they're stuck in Edo Japan or turned into children, Ran's the best choice to lead them.

    Can you do a post on non-red male leaders (like MegaBlack, GaoYellow (before GaoRed came))?

  2. I haven't seen Kakuranger but I definitely enjoyed the other three. My favorite of them was Yuri. She was tough and actually felt like she was her team's leader, at least compared to Ran and Kaoru. I did enjoy the episodes where Ran had to lead the team back from the Edo era, and I especially enjoyed the one where Jan and Retsu were turned into kids. It was delightful because Ran is usually so serious but the episode was so funny. Kaoru I really liked because she knew not to push her team's buttons too far with them being loyal to Takeru.

  3. There's was one thing really creepy surrounding Tsuruhime: she was 14-15 (she had her 15th birthday during the series), and the male Kakurangers were all over their 20s; they all oogled for her. That would made them a bunch of paedophiles.

    But certainly, Tsuruhime was one of my favourite characters ever. And she was kind of tough too, she had to be that way in order to handle a bunch of air-headed ninjas, hehe. And there's the episode about the Punishment Sailor Sisters too.

  4. Tsuruhime had her 16th birthday during Kakuranger. There were 16 candles on her cake. I don't remember the other guys "oogling" her but she did (arguably) get a bit of ship tease with Sasuke - according to Wikipedia he is 26, so that's kinda creepy :/


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