Sentai Series I Believe Were Inspired by Merging Concepts and Themes of Previous Sentai Series

I have noticed that in the later Sentai series, there seems to be concepts that were ultimately "hybrid" or merging concepts and themes of previous Sentai series. These are:

Gogo V- As a series, it seemed to combine the concepts of Fiveman as a sibling team with Maskman (technology vs. supernatural) as well as a bit of Kakuranger when it comes to enemies. I pretty much thought of it that Toei was making rip-offs within its own company.

Hurricanger- The concept of the ninja came from Hurricanger. However it also had elements from Liveman such as the primary robo, the addition of two more rangers in the series and the themes of revenge, redemption and academics.

Abaranger- It had the dinosaur concept from Zyuranger and the multi-gattai concept from Gaoranger.

Go-onger- The color coding was taken from Liveman while the comedy concept was taken from Carranger.


  1. from Timeranger go on, all sentai have been a recycle idea from previous one...hmm perhaps only Magiranger (magic) and Gokaiger (pirate) that fresh in idea.

  2. don't forget that the fiveman elements in gogo-v was the all-sibling team as well


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