Gokaiger Episode Two

Apparently unlike Goseiger which I stopped making reviews because I didn't pretty much like the series, Gokaiger is too well written and it's been since Naruhisa Arakawa wrote for Super Sentai. Here are a few interesting things:

Aka Red is involved. So perhaps timeline issues have caused him to exist. Just who is he anyway? His badge was changed to 35 and he was the one who gave the Gokaigers their keys.

A boy realizes in this episode that with great power comes great responsibility when he couldn't fully use the powers of Shinken Red properly.

It's pretty interesting that the two girls become red rangers as well. Forever red!

The Hurricanger suits modified for the Hurricane Yellow and Fanged Ninja Kuwaga Raiger suits and well, the Hurricane Blue suit goes male.

Kai Ozu is shown at the end of the episode.

Well I wonder if this show's brought back the flying fortress after so long? Hee hee.


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