The Red and Pink Fan Shipping

Since it's Valentine's month (and I still haven't found another girl to replace my first love) but anyway there's what I'd call the red and pink fan shipping (except in cases of sibling Sentai) which would deliberately pair the red ranger with the pink ranger (if there is a pink ranger) for that show. So far, here are some of the most popular fan shippings (which are not canon) in chronological order:

Takeru and Momoko- For some reason I became a fan of this, maybe because I thought Ial was dead during the beginning of the series. Actually Takeru and Momoko don't have any chemistry at all except as teammates.

Riki Honoo and Haruna Morikawa- Although there were hints they were a couple but it never materialized as such, although it seems that they had feelings for each other but they were never a real couple. I kind of liked this shipping.

Geki and Mei in Zyuranger- Both of them had a chemistry of working together but hey, that doesn't mean they're really a couple.

Ryou and Lin- It was based on the fact that they are kind of close plus they're the only members who are half-Chinese and they are both of the Dai heritage while the rest aren't. I am also a fan of this shipping.

Takeru Shiba and Mako Shiraishi- I'm not surprised that most of the shippers here (including myself) are also Takeru-Momoko shippers. This one had more basis than Takeru and Momoko ever had as for many instances, Mako seems to like Takeru and vice versa but it's all fan-fiction based but, they do have the potential to really start a relationship.

Alata and Eri- They do have a certain chemistry but... it's not official they are a couple. This one, well I have no comment to this!

The ones that are canon:

Gorou Sakurai and Karen Mizuki- They were an established couple in JAKQ from a mild flirtation and ended up in a more serious relationship at the end of the series.

Tatsuya Asami and Yuuri- This was a real tear jerker, portrayed even more dramatically than it was in the adaptation Power Rangers Time Force. It was of course star-crossed.

Satoru Akashi and Sakura Nishihori- It's a rather slow one. Ha ha. Only if Satoru Akashi could just notice it.

Should I mention this does get carried into Power Rangers too maybe because of the fact that some of the Power Rangers fans are also Super Sentai fans. And concerning the colors pink and red, they are associated with Valentine's which is really true. But I feel like this is getting far too overrated already as it's about personality chemistry, not just colors.


  1. What about BoukenRed/BoukenPink, Spade Ace/Heart Queen, and maybe Red Condor/White Swan? She's a White, but there's a lot of pink on her suit, I think I heard there was an overseas dub where she was actually called Pink Swan

    I don't think it's true that most Takeru/Mako fans also ship Takeru/Momoko in Maskman. Maskman is popular in the Philippines, but a lot of English-speaking fans haven't seen any Sentai older than Dekaranger. That's because it's the first one that TV-N subbed in full, and finding subtitles for older series can be hard

  2. @PIF Lover-

    Yes it's true that White Swan was called Pink Swan, especially in the Philippines dub.

    By the way, I am talking about fan shipping not canon ships here.


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