More Sentai Seniors for February

One of my followers Ling pointed me out this link ( and I ran into these photos. Here are some Sentai senior photos you'd like to see:

Shishido Masaru still looking great but too bad he's not in red.

Ryosuke Sakamoto in a funny expression.

Keichi Wada doing a thumbs up. Third red ranger in a lone picture here.

Keichi Wada and Ei Hamura drinking some liquor.

Matsumuto Hiroyuki of Kamen Rider fame with Teruaki Ogawa from Kakuranger.

Kihachiro Uemara and I can't recognize the other one.

Keichi Wada with Shigeru Kanai.
Satomi Hirose hasn't aged much and still looks cute. I wonder who's her husband.

Yuji Kishi and his wife Mika Kikuchi-Kishi.

Oh yeah, it's time for picture taking isn't it?


  1. I think that unknown guy might be Yoshihiro Masujima who played Naoki Domon/Blue Racer, however he was pretty young when he did Carranger and should be 31 this year, and that guy looks older. But I'm not so sure.

  2. I think you mean Teruaki Ogawa, not Akira Ogawa.

  3. Hi there! May I use Sakamoto's photo on my blog? :)


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