Some Honorable Mention Nightmare Fuel

For those shows that didn't make it to my top 5 per decade of Sentai full of nightmare fuel, here are some honorable nightmare fuel from them...

The revelation of Vulgyre.  Although Fiveman wasn't a series full of nightmare fuel but Vulgyre's sudden revelation crept me out.  Seriously, not only was he a real living and talking battleship, how he used his entrails to combine Dordora and Zaza or his transformation process was just gross.  Dongoros collecting what seems to be gastric juice was just creepy as well.

The arrival of Dai Satan in Zyuranger.  Although Zyuranger was basically a lighter and softer season, however the arrival of Dai Satan involved kidnapping thirteen children, some cryptic effects lightning included and even the transformation of Dora Franke into Zombie Frank then into Satan Frank is just scary.  Dai Satan's return wasn't as frightening though.

The various times N-Ma tries to return and finally does return.  Like Zyuranger, Magiranger is a lighter and softer season yet N-Ma does give some nightmare fuel after all.


  1. As light as Zyuranger, the Bandra gang was driven by the former Dutchess herself as she sold herself to the Devil which is what Dai Satan is. Her powers was the primary source of Dai Satan itself and I personally thought that Dai Satan was scary as it was a ancient evil that was still mysterious. As light hearted as Zyuranger is, it is stands out because of the balanced from the acting performance and script.

  2. Great Satan felt a bit meh kind of villain at first but after seeing him defeat the DaiZyuJin that is said to beat him centuries ago, man, he is one serious threat.


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