My Top Five Picks for Super Sentai with Tons if Nightmare Fuel Part 3: 2000s Sentai

For 2000s Sentai, I think the nightmare fuel is not that high but some of them do deserve to be placed into this list.  Here are they:

5.) Tokosou Sentai Dekaranger- I just thought that the idea of having THAT much crime committed by aliens with various murder schemes can be good nightmare fuel.  Then again this is a bottom liner and it's not that scary.

4.) Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger- Compared to Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, the Evorians were really mostly nightmare fuel especially that it is surrounded by the mysterious Dezumoryla.  The villains were really good nightmare fuel as well as most of the monsters they unleashed (except for Yatsudenwani who's just a comic relief who's a pervert! :P

3.) Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger- The concept of the Orgus is quite scary, especially with how they suddenly enter into inanimate objects when we least expect it.  And when that happens, expect a loadful of mayhem especially they're nowhere near merciful nor are the highness orgs either.  Perhaps the best nightmare fuel here has to be the Ura arc's resurrection of Loki, my favorite Org villain of all time.

2.) Samurai Sentai Shinkenger- Just the idea of the Gedoushu crawling out of ANY crevice is already freaky enough, just wait until you see what kind of plans they usually execute in order to get the Sanzu River to flood the surface world.

1.) Juken Sentai Gekiranger- This would be in my number one spot.  Whether it was from the Rio-Melee arc to the Long arc, most of the seasons were filled with scary stuff.  The biggest scary factor is Long since you'll never know what he'll do next and the type of plans he would execute just to get his ambitions done, plus the fact he cannot be killed makes it even more frightening.


  1. If you did or did not see other Toku series. Dekarangers' Alienizer is as pathetic as Londer Family. If Alienizer was done as dark and sinister as Space Mafia of Blue Swat it would have been the Nightmare that is. No, Alienizer only consist of only Amberella giving assignment to the monster of the day. Yeah there are the cano- fodder henchmen but how unique is that. Dekaranger should not be in this list.

  2. Even though Abareranger only have 5 members little too late, which is not the main thesis. The Evorian only had two villains that did any harm. Abarekiller and Jeane. Geildon could have been another muscle of the group but he was killed off by the writers. Mikela and Voffa are not scary and formidable and last but not least the Dezumoryla is no where convincing of a scary threat as Cthulu, Leviathan or even Galactus. The entity is just as frightening as Messiah, get angry and screams.


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