Super Sentai's Dr. Nambu Inspired Characters

With the news that there will be a Gatchaman movie, I just had my head on paying tribute to all the Dr. Nambu counterparts in Super Sentai.  Why I call them as Dr. Nambu inspired characters is because of this- they gathered the team, mentored the team and they also invented the mecha.  They are...

Commander Edogawa Gonpachi from Goranger

General Kurama Tetsuzan from Battle Fever J

Commander Arashiyama from Sun Vulcan

Dr. Hongou from Goggle V

Dr. Kyutaro Yumeno in Dynaman

Director Sanjoru Sugata in Maskman-

Dr. Dazai in Turboranger

Councilor Miura in Ohranger

Professor Eikichi Kubota in Megaranger

Morio Makino in Boukenger


  1. You forget Joker from JAKQ and yours truly Commander Odagiri of the certain Gatchaman inspired series.

    1. Aya Odagiri was most likely based on Sylvie Pandora from Gatchaman II not Dr. Nambu.

  2. Oh I forget Commander Ibuki of Changeman as well.


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