My Thoughts on the Upcoming Gokaiger vs. Gobuster Movie

Apparently the Gokaiger vs. Gobuster movie will really take place despite the fact that the two Sentai series have been crammed into that otherwise what other people call as "lamely done crossover" of Super Hero Taisen.  Okay this might require some intervention as one, Gobusters is where Yasuko Kobayashi is having some burnouts imo and Gokaiger was considered epic by many.  I just wonder if how the Gokaigers will fight after they have returned all the Super Sentai powers after their final battle.  I'll just sit tight to find out.  Just some thoughts.


  1. Maybe they're going to ignore everything about the Super Hero Taisen... if it was not really part of main plot.

    Personally, I think Gokaiger/Go-Buster crossover will be good. Don't know how other people thought about Go-Busters but I personally like the series.

  2. I finally saw the Taisen Movie and it was a gimmick and skit that was to attract fans with no great story. I won't go into the movie as it can be spoiler. But I am surprised to see the Sentai Vs. is still going strong as Gokaiger had 5 great theatrical with no Versus movie. Sorry to hear Gobuster is a fan bust, no pun intended as the ratings are poor. Personally I enjoy it as the chemistry amongst amongst the characters. My disappointment is Varglass has a small number of villains and the characters has only 1 set of weapons. The series is doing the primary 3 now and 5 later. It is the end of the year and Gobusters will be ending. Another Dinosaur themed Sentai will help reawaken fans interest again!!!!!


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