Super Sentai Rangers Who Came Back as Ghosts

It was pretty bizarre that in Super Sentai, these rangers actually died and later came back as ghosts.  Here are they...

Gai Yuki/Black Condor- 20 years later after Jetman, he came back as a ghost first to fight in the Legend War then he also returned to assist the Gokaigers to get the greater power of the Jetmen though the cause of his death was NEVER directly mentioned in that episode.  For some funny reason, Gai Ikari could never see him leaving some of the fans to lmao over that episode in Gokaiger.

Burai/Dragon Ranger- After he finally died in Zyuranger, he later came back as a ghost for the near finale instructing the Zyurangers a way out of Bandora's dimension.  He appeared in Gokaiger during the Legend War and later, together with Mikoto and Naoto to choose Gai Ikari as Gokai Silver.

Naoto/Time Fire- In Gokaiger, he appeared during the Legend War and later with Burai and Mikoto to choose Gai Ikari to become Gokai Silver.

Shurikenger- Apparently in Abaranger vs. Hurricanger and in the Legend War he was a ghost since he died in Hurricanger.

Mikoto- He did return for a short while in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger before returning back to the afterlife.  In Gokaiger he with Burai and Naoto appeared in the Legend War and later to choose Gai Ikari to become Gokai Silver.


  1. Even though they where really not spandex members but they where close though. Rio and Melee returned as Ghost in Go Ongers vs. Gekirangers and the Legend wars.

  2. We know what,Gai Yuki dies from internal bleeding from a stab wound.


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