What I Think Can Affect Liking Either Super Sentai or Power Rangers More, Less or The Same?

So far, I have discovered that this blog is being read by Power Rangers fans. So I kindly wanted to do my own reasons to what could cause a PR-Sentai fan to like Super Sentai or Power Rangers more than the other or equally?

It's all about the cast and acting. I have to admit that as amateur as Sentai and Power Rangers cast are (mostly), there are seasons with bad acting and good ones. Of course no show is ever exempt from having bad acting. Some of the amateurs can really act, others try their best and fortunately, not so many overact. Face value does play a part too- on immature fans that is!  However Disney suffered from overacting especially during the Kalish seasons.

Music is also an aspect. How? Well there's really some charm in Super Sentai music I can't explain. Some PR fans like the beat and can't understand a thing. There's a difference between Super Sentai and Power Rangers' music. Super Sentai has a bigger library of music, each one fitting almost perfectly. :-P

It's also about plot quality in the original vs. adaptation. Yup. For example, some people like the plot quality of Lost Galaxy better than Gingaman because of a fresh face, while I think Gingaman as good as it was, wasn't very fresh and Lost Galaxy IMO was just very fresh. Bruce Kalish seasons were bashed for poor quality. Judd Lynn's writing was awesome for some.  The Lost Galaxy rumor for me was probably due to its well written story- and it sounds believable until disproven.

Maybe about the action. Super Sentai has much better fighting scenes to the point they're pretty exaggerated. I for one am a fan of intense, over the boarder, rather ridiculously powerful action scenes found in Chinese films.

Humor can be an aspect. I remembered enjoying Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers as a child because of the campiness and cracktastic goodness especially when Bulk and Skull failed many times in their silly schemes. However Super Sentai ended up making humor wackier, characters dumber than usual in their own shows which were among the good guys. Some people found Bulk and Skull corny while I didn't. On the other hand, in Super Sentai, comic reliefs exist among rangers. Boukenger was kind of funny compared to Operation Overdrive.

How dark a show can get can be a preference. For example, Power Rangers Time Force is a good script but it's not as dark and gloomy as Timeranger. Timeranger was IMO was more mature in theme while Time Force tried to avoid it because of American standards. Time Force had a creative way of presenting casualties and even deaths without adding the violence found in Timeranger like through news reports and dialogue within the show. Super Sentai can at times get too dark.

Death of famous characters. Some PR-Sentai fans chose MMPR over Zyuranger because of Burai's death.

Lastly culture can be involved. A white guy may be a fan of Super Sentai out of an openmind or curiosity (and is pretty much up to date about it) but he may like Power Rangers more than Super Sentai because he can relate to it more than to a foreign culture he didn't grow up on. I prefer Super Sentai more than Power Rangers also because of the fact I'm Asian and didn't grow up in America. But strangely enough, I desire to have a lovely Caucasian woman for a bride.


  1. I'm Italian but I prefer Sentai instead of PR because I really love Japan and all of japanese stuffs. Well, I grew up watching PR on tv (there was K2-Fox Kids, which broadcasted PR and the Knights of the Zodiac in my country) but now I hate them and I really love Saint Seiya and Sentais. <3

  2. As a British person, although it's not as American as most things, I don't feel that Power Rangers is my culture. People with different accents aren't really represented in Power Rangers. In general, I like both in different ways, although I agree that the music is better in Sentai and when PR is bad,it tends to be REALLY bad whereas with Sentai there's always been something I've liked. Goseiger was an odd one, one minute I thought it was amazing, then the next minute there'd be something I really hated. In the end I got so behind I just gave up.


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