The Ultimate Nemesis of Goseiger: Bladerun!

Well I can't believe how the assumption of some fans that Bladerun being the final enemy is SO REAL. Anyway let's review on who he was here and there:

He started off as Bladerun of the Comet, serving Warstar and became its only survivor.

He then became Bladerun of the Chupacabra upon joining Yuumaju. He was supposedly killed but...

Whatever was left of him became Blade-RUN of the Cyborg.

He is actually Burajira, the self-proclaimed messiah who's going to cause havoc in the finale. Anyway he'll be back for the crossover movie. Street Fighter's Gill anyone?


  1. can you please explain to a little bit confuse here. I supposed that bladerun was destroyed by goseiger..then matlintis turn him into a cyborg. but how come bladerun said that his cyborg-form is one of his mirage power? i pretty sure he got that body because of matlintis

  2. I think I'm the one mistaken here. Maybe you can clarify this for me because I didn't update on Goseiger that much. Honestly speaking, I didn't like the series that much.

  3. We were supposed to think that about his Matrintis body, D'Blaze. Seems he had Robogog fooled! Sean, you need to watch Epic 45, it's a clip show, and also is where Buredoran reveals that he is in fact Burajira.


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