The Incoming Storm for Power Rangers-Super Sentai Fans... Yup We're Almost Near!

February, a hot month and just the time I would turn 26 (and I use a Chinese calendar most of the time in celebrating and my birthday never gets celebrated on a weekday) and here are some flaming events:

On February 7, 2011 it's going to be the return of Saban and it's with Power Rangers Samurai. As from what I expect, it will be a lighthearted show in contrast to Shinkenger's serious nature. Well I guess that's where Power Rangers is better at- in being not-so-serious. Just right now, there's fan wars going on and the show hasn't started. Could the fan wars stop? I just guess Saban wanted to be a little earlier than Super Sentai this year round.

February 13, 2011 will be the premier of the Goukaiger. With its head writer being Naruhisa Arakawa (he should meet Judd Lynn some other day IMO). I've seen plenty of photos from Henshin Grid of the press conference. Even if I don't find the girls hot, well it's what they bring to the table that counts. Hee hee. I wouldn't be surprised if Power Rangers fans will like this too.


  1. Two series I'm definitely looking forward to.

  2. Hiya Sean! It's me, DancingAlienDude if you don't remember.

    I must say, I am rather looking forward to Febuary 6. Power Rangers Samurai should be interesting, especially since the commercials do play the MMPR theme.


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