From a Funny Super Sentai to a Serious Power Rangers Adaptation

While Power Rangers is mostly liked for its rather fun nature and deviating from standard dark themes, Carranger and Go-onger however were kind of reverse in their adaptation forms of Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers RPM.

Carranger to Power Rangers Turbo- Writers intended that Power Rangers Turbo should be a more serious season than Carranger, IMO to be a serious season like Turboranger. Douglas Sloan in contrast to Judd Lynn wasn't very fond of darker themes, so I guess that would explain why Power Rangers Turbo was kind of a funny season while intended to be a more serious season.

Go-onger to Power Rangers RPM- I personally thought that Eddie Guzelian however took the idea too far as to destroy Earth in part was far-fetched. Unlike Douglas Sloan, Eddie Guzelian and later Judd Lynn (the writer for the later half) was kind of creative in handling Go-onger footages and their own script to make it work out well. In one case, I personally thought that Go-onger wasn't a crazy season either. Sadly it only had 32 episodes because I felt like RPM deserved a stretch.


  1. Eddie Guzellan wrote the first half of RPM but was fired for some reasons, that is why Disney decided to hire Judd Lynn.

    Anyways Sean, here's a fun tidbit regarding RPM. Eddie's original ending is called, Ranger Black in which because Dillion's system can't be controlled, the Rangers have no choice but to kill him.

  2. Judd Lynn was the writer for RPM only during the second half of the season. Eddie Guzelian was the original head writer of RPM. It was Guzelian's idea to idea to make RPM a dark, post-apocalyptic season. Lynn only took over after Guzelian was fired for spending too much of the budget on RPM.

    1. Thats the official reasoning, but people close to production dispute that.

    2. Thats the official reasoning, but people close to production dispute that.


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