Naruhisa Arakawa for Goukaiger

I learned from Fantasy Leader's blog that Naruhisa Arawaka will be the head writer for Goukaiger. I think it should be cool because after all he wrote Kuuga (the last Kamen Rider series I liked), then he also wrote Abaranger and Dekaranger and IMO like Judd Lynn, he seems to be able to balance well the darkness and lightness of a series that could appeal to both Power Rangers and Super Sentai fans. Hmmm... this guy may make Goukaiger good but I shouldn't expect too much though, because even good writers like him can have their flaws. Just don't expect too much and you don't get disappointed too much. Anyway too bad my age isn't getting any younger though. Ha ha.


  1. I've been nervous about Gokaiger, because I REALLY want it to be good. And this wait for Gokaiger's premier is painful. =(

    I'm glad to know that Gokaiger will have a writer who has a good resume. That at least gives me more hope and comfort. =)


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