The Somewhat Questionable Plot of Piloting Super Sentai Mecha Needing Complete Teams to Save the Day

In Super Sentai, there were times that the main/sub robot gets piloted but not completely which I think has this issue addressed- is an incomplete team always the reason why they are defeated?  Now for an analysis:

In Bioman episode 9, the Bio Robo could not defeat Twin Kans because it lacked Blue Three.  In Bioman episode 10 where Mika Koizumi dies, an incomplete Bioman team defeated Chameleon Kans with a desperate attack.  In episode 11, they were nearly defeated by Samurai Kans because they were incomplete.  Hmmm I wish that were explained why. =P

In Maskman episode 20 where it focused on Momoko, the Great Five could not be used at its fullest potential when she was severely injured causing Tube to win its victory.  However in episode 44, the Maskmen were able to carry out the job using Galaxy Robo minus Akira who was now transformed into Fencer Unas, ready to be broken free in the next episode.

In Fiveman episode 47, Five Red was literally separated from his team when Chevalier challenged him to a chain deathmatch that won't end until one of them died.  The other Fivemen who were forced to fight the giant Black Gorlin were incomplete yet they destroyed it with the Super Five Robo unleashing two Vector Punches defeating the monster at the same time Chevalier is killed thus leading to Vulgyre's final transformation.

In Shinkenger episode 27, I do find this moment to be weird, awesome and WTF all that once.  So we have the younger ones who are in the process of growing up like Chiaki and Kotoha saving the day and piloting the Shinkenoh BY THEMSELVES even defeating Abekonbe by themselves.  Hee hee, it was pretty awesome how these two developed so quickly in this episode into becoming better than they were going to a much higher level.  Clearly the most awesome moments for younger people who are in their quest for self-improvement.  Best note?  Well they did save their seniors! =D

I hope you people can share your thoughts.  Hmmm... feel free to mention what I've missed.  Overall, it seems to be this isn't really very addressed if you ask me.


  1. Please do not call Kotoha an amateur. She is just as good as Mako and Ryuunosuke.

  2. I remember Abare Renoh was missing Abare Yellow and the robot continue to fight but luckily he never got defeated.

    Robots that breaks the rules of only certain color can control are.

    Red Puncher, in episode 42 Oh Green is piloting Red Puncher and the last I remember Oh Red can only pilot the robot.

    Geki Touja, with Yellow Cheetah off and Purple Wolf is in place. Geki Violet can and have total control of the Robot. WTF Bandai, writers, artist whatever. Geki Violet is a standalone Bangai hero!!! Why not have Purple Wolf transform into a full torso with arms and head. At least the Robot will be unique by itself and Geki Violet has full business in controlling the robot alone.


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