Some Meanings Behind Jetman's Monsters of the Week?

While watching Chojin Sentai Jetman, I thought there were some meanings to convey with these monsters.  I'm not putting all monsters but some of them anyway:

Faucet Jigen- I thought there was some chilling symbolism with this.  While faucets provide water to bring life, however this one does the reverse it kills.  In fact, some people have died being absorbed by this monster.

Road Jigen- Stop, ready go... it seemed to weave through the episode.  Kaori had some stop (think about what you are doing), ready (she knees her former fiance) and go (she joins the Jetman) for me.  In this one, also Radiguet considered his monster to be the end of order by perverting a traffic light's use that is to promote order in the roads.

House Jigen- I guess this symbolizes the statement "You're not safe in your own house."

Mirror Jigen- For me, this is probably an address of "stuck in vanity" as many of the others were sucked in the mirror admiring themselves though vanity wasn't the central theme of the episode.

Dia Jigen- This one represented the power of greed.  The story itself had the Bloody Dia which carried the curse of greed causing people to kill each other over it.  It soon affected Ako as well.

Noodle Jigen- This somewhat symbolizes impatience.  In the modern day society, we are already used to getting things "instant" so we really just don't want to wait so we get instant everything.  Those that ate the noodles of Noodle Jigen became extremely impatient.  Raita eating one of them wanted to see battle immediately.

Bus Jigen- Maybe this was a symbol of the road to perdition.

Toxic Rat- This may represent how pollution has invited rats to pester humanity.

I don't know what you can suggest but you are all welcome.


  1. The Ramen Jigen and the Bazooka Ant represents glutony and massive consumption.
    Samimaru was the epitome of natural disasters and destruction.


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