Some Possible Meanings Behind the Gorma Monsters

I haven't thought much for the Zyuranger monsters but I've decided to do some Dairanger monster analysis for now.  Not all will be featured though:

Key Jester- The symbolism of the key here is that he gains access to areas.  He gets the souls of children via the "key of their heart".

Mirror Magician- Another mirror-based monster and for me, better done than Mirror Jigen.  This monster trapped women into his dimension whenever they looked at the mirror emphasizing vanity.

Father Magnet symbolized the power of magnetic poles- when two things are too alike, they repel and when two things aren't so alike they attract.

Kabuki Kozou represented the art of acting- you can pretend all you want but you'll never be what you pretend.

Kageru Zukin as a flame-based monster may have also portrayed making intense decisions.  After all it caught Daigo and Kujaku attempting to destroy them leaving the other Dairangers in a heated decision.

Copy Empress may symbolize the deception may work for awhile but it can be overcome by the real deal.

Count Kaleidoscope represents the power of confusion as he created various illusions.


  1. Also the Trump Duke and the Pachinko Emcee represented gambling addiction and greed.

    The Tofu Tramp represents alcoholic intoxication, the Saw Bishop was about religious fanaticism and the Blossom Baron represented rage and senseless violence.

    But the most disturbing thing is with the Tube Baron, Key Jester and Cactus Colonel. The three has a disturbing habbit of child abduction and this is a kids show!?!?
    That is why it is our favorite because it is dark and disturbing. And also Dairanger is the 1st Sentai Series to have the monster of the week to hold or in a important status in their organization besides being just the warrior to cause havok or defeat the heroes.


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