Pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai I'd Advise Power Rangers Fans Who Like Super Sentai to Watch First

Well there are some Power Rangers fans who may be open minded to Super Sentai but aren't very open to pre-Zyuranger probably due to the fact it didn't provide them with the footage.

Dengeki Sentai Changeman- Well it's very old really but it does provide the space-themed ones though they're not operating in space.  Maybe those who have already watched Power Rangers in Space should check this out first instead of Megaranger.  But if they want to check Megaranger first, fine but I'd say don't miss this!

Choshinsei Flashman- I'd say this might be a good one to watch for those who have watched Power Rangers Lost Galaxy or Power Rangers in Space.  Maybe they're wanting to watch Gingaman either.  But maybe, Choshinsei Flashman might be better to start with for some "familiarity" with the origins of sources of inspiration for Super Sentai.  

Hikari Sentai Maskman- For Power Rangers fans who like martial arts a lot, this show is very good.  So maybe they like Dairanger but Maskman does deserve to be in this list.  Good story, some intense plots and some mysteries too bad it got underrated in the past.

Chojuu Sentai Liveman- I'd recommend this if they want something better.  This Super Sentai managed to inspire

Kosoku Sentai Turboranger- Perhaps the trope codifier to "pick teenagers with attitude".  Well if they've seen MMPR, they'll probably like this one.  Turboranger focuses on five teenagers with attitude who one day become superheroes that have to hide their secret identities.

Chojin Sentai Jetman- I'm being biased here since it's my favorite season, Chojin Sentai Jetman!  This one was hailed as the best Sentai ever by some.  So far, not really overall but for me it is.  It made me think that as a Super Sentai fan, I still can't get over this one.  Just watch and see why.


  1. For some unique and Old School Sentai there is JAKQ, Battle Fever J, Sun Vulcan, Dynaman, and let's not forget Bioman!


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