Possibly the Sources of Gai Ikari's Death Rumor?

Well even if Gai Ikari's rumor has been dismissed by the fact he lived through Gokaiger but I just want to chase out the people who caused the damage by passing the rumor.  Now here's some of the possible sources:

Basing his death/life experience to Burai.  It's not confirmed if he really died when he was hit by a truck or not but remembering Burai was temporarily given life and was fading away, some fans may have speculated that Gai Ikari will die in the same way as well and pass his power-ups to Marvelous.

Consider the fact aside from Burai, two other final members who piloted dinosaur mechas died.  Gai Ikari was also piloting dinosaur mecha and was a sixth member.  Consider also he met Burai, Naoto and Mikoto in their ghosts forms too and the three were dead!

Or maybe Gokaiger 28 because of the confirmed death of Gai Yuki after many years of argument.  So I wonder why of all things create a rumor of Gai Ikari would be leaving us so soon like Gai Yuki did?!  That was very uncalled for!  Doesn't mean he shares the same name with Gai Yuki doesn't mean he'll leave us so soon.

Regardless we are happy Gai Ikari didn't leave us so soon.


  1. Well, whoever started the false rumor should put their foot in their mouth!
    Why die again when you died once to get your powers.

    Ikari's origin is definetly a homage to Goh Hideaki of Return of Ultraman with being granted the power because of ones sacrifice in life to save another life.

    It was fitting to see Mikoto having a more and humble attitude and bequeathing Ikari of the Gokai powers.

    I would have like to see the legends again if Shinji Kasahara or Kotaro Tanaka would reappear in the series. Sadly who I wanted to see was Shiro Izumi as Burai again but he retired from acting and the business again to run a restaurant!?!?
    Was there any logical of philosophical reason why Ikari could not see or interact with Yuuki???
    I thought that was so lame and unreasonable.

    Anyway it was fitting that Gai was kept alive in the series as he could be a stand alone character.


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