What Could Be the Message Behind Akibaranger's Season Two Episode Five's "Delusional Import"?

Well I've just started watching Akibaranger after so many close minded moments (shame on me) while I decided to take a view on this one first because it sounded interesting to know how both franchises fit into one.  Why?  It's because it seems to be a very important turning point especially when you are talking about the long time Super Sentai/Power Rangers fan wars which might be the biggest retard Toku fan war ever considering the birth of that awful hate fic "Gokaiger vs. Samurai" in Fan Fiction, no not the one written by GokaiMaster.  I would admit that with this episode written by Naruhisa Arakawa, maybe it's out of anger and frustration that Tokusatsu is getting adapted, only Toei is getting recognized or later the series based on it but WHAT ABOUT THE WRITER?  Okay no posting of bad comments here, leave them for horrible hate fics and hate blogs!  I am here to discuss some things which are my insights.

So for targeting purists I don't know about that BUT I think the whole show actually parodies American misconception.  It may also target the Power Rangers fans who are close minded and are thinking that Power Rangers came first (really they don't read credits) and that Japan copied it ignoring the fact that Japan and America like to copy from each other.  Pretty much, some people I believe lie to themselves to make themselves feel good like how some Power Rangers fans are aware that Super Sentai came first but lie to themselves that it's the other way around... a delusion maybe it's the address of this episode.  But it seems to be also targeting Super Sentai purists?  Maybe but I just thought of it that both sides suffer from seriously bad delusions.  The whole dilemma started in Delusion World because Luna believed Super Sentai was based on Powerful Rangers (Seriously I'm glad that name isn't the name of the franchise!) and Nobuo the Sentai fan tries to clear the misconception.  Unfortunately it created an entire world that was awfully stupid.

So there's the issue of "Suing for copyright infringement part." which might be a parody to those Super Sentai fans who call Power Rangers as fake and Super Sentai as the only real deal.  There are some pictures of reality here also where Super Sentai fans who spread the word can get mightily ignored out of delusion maybe due to the American superiority mentality.  Made me think what if Naruhisa Arakawa is angry at the fact that the writers of Super Sentai not getting credited in Power Rangers, only Toei and the series it's based from?  I think it is.  Luna's delusion is also one of the elements here, perhaps representing those self-deluded Power Rangers fans who can't accept the truth that Super Sentai came first and won't exist without Toei's permission.  Then again there are also Super Sentai fans who can't accept the truth that Power Rangers is a legitimate adaptation and not fake as they see it, while it can't exist without Super Sentai BUT Toei allowed it anyway.  Wow what a load of ignorance do people suffer from which causes hate fics and bad comments.  For one, Nobuo Akagi DID NOT call Power Rangers (or Powerful Rangers) in this episode as fakes at all!

The Americanized Geki and Burai are NOT Jason and Tommy in any way as the two became jerks not to represent hatred for Power Rangers BUT to show just how stupid fan wars are.  At first I was excited to think of it as Jason and Tommy to help the Akibarangers but rather, it represents snobbery at best on both sides.  Rather, it is all about what fan wars look like and how childish they are.  Here, the Americanized Geki and Burai who become the "Powerful Rangers" speak in rough, American accent not to make fun of the Power Rangers but rather some of their more immature fans.  I mean there is NO WAY Jason and Tommy are going to act like that towards the Super Sentai.

In the end, they do return everything to normal proving truth prevails no matter what.  I don't view this as an anti-Power Rangers episode, rather it's against Power Rangers fans who don't want to face the truth that Super Sentai came first or that Super Sentai exists.  I do pity Super Sentai fans or Power Rangers fans who are either stuck in the wrong kind of close-mindedness.  They are both owned by Toei, Saban gets legitimate licenses and all.  So it's just pretty wrong for both parties to keep picking on each other since they are all under Toei's umbrella so it's another major delusion that everybody is stuck into.  But sad to say, Saban's playing it cheap like Mr. Krabs. =(

However based on my experience in promoting Super Sentai, some Power Rangers fans have called it "The original Power Rangers" instead which made me lmao since they know Super Sentai came first BUT they just want to call it as Power Rangers and even said, "Well Power Rangers came from Japan and was adapted in America." type of talk.  Quite different here. =P


  1. Whether or not this episode is to make fun of how pompous Saban or PR fans are is debateble but I like the sublime message that this episode has to offer.
    I really never met any PR fans who are in their 20s-50s but most PR fans are 4-15.
    But anyway, I am very lucky to only meet Sentai and Toku fans. I am not going to denie it as I was a extreme PR Hater in the 90s and I ostrasized a penpal because she was persistant in talking or writing about PR!
    The fact that us U.S. Fans must face PR is its the only way to get Sentai any exposure here in the country and Saban is getting rich and publicity.

    P.S. Reguarding to Saban as a Cheapskate. There has been approximately 15 past actors from 20 years of PR that was not invited back or turn down the appearance in the anniversary special because of paywise. JDF has made the appearance in the Megaforce Rip as he did it for the fans and probaly did it for free. It is nothing new with Saban not putting out money to make quality shows as he knows the ratings will be big and he is getting rich.


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