Flashman Senior Cast Photos I Found as of May 14, 2013

Well here's some Flashman photos for all you Flashman lovers.  Hee hee hee, it's been some time!

Touta Tarumi

Kihachiro Uemara

Yasuhiro Ishiwata


  1. Red Flash has the same hereditary problem as Go Red, receeding hair!

    Blue Flash has gain a few pounds. If it was a possibility, could he have been dating or married to Pink Mask as they both appeared together twice as love interest.
    Yashuhiro once played a love interest for Momoko in Maskman as a flute musician and possible disguise as a Tube monster.
    6 years later they both appeared in Jetman as the only inhabitants of a ravaged planet as Ray and Kanna who allies with the Jetman and eventually bequeath the Bird Garuda mecha for the team.

  2. Amazing! I loved these post about 3 Flashman senior members - Touta Tarumi (Jin/Red Flash), Kihachirō Uemura (Dai/Green Flash - the dude who saved the old man's life in a metro station over a year ago) and Yasuhiro Ishiwata (Bun/Blue Flash) - who became my 3 favorite heroes from the Land of the Rising Sun and, of course, the greatest 3 Flash senior heroes ever! Thanks for posting their pics I've shared with you, Sean! Prism Flash!


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