Villains with Concealed Identities in Hirohisa Soda's Era

In the Soda era, there were some villains with concealed identities.  It seemed to be a very common trend during his era to have villains with concealed identities.

Dark Knight- He was a mysterious villain who was actually Emperor Aton's estranged son Prince Megiddo all along.

Doctor Man- While some speculate that he is human, his identity was kept a secret until later he was revealed to be Dr. Hideo Kageyama a former robotics scientist gone mad with power.  His revelations were during the Prince saga and two during the revelation of his real son Shuichi saga.  Mason figured out that Doctor Man was human during the Prince saga while the robot Prince managed to fool us into believing he was a wayward human being but was in reality a robot.

Bazoo- While appearing himself as a giant torso in space, he was in reality the living planet Gozmaster.

Emperor Zeba- While it's pretty obvious that he's not human, nobody knows what he was until the second to the last epsiode.  It was rumored by some that he was the original Lethal Dobler, however he is the second Lethal Dobler who took over the throne and ruled by oppression.

Vulgyre- During most of Fiveman's airing, he pretended to be Empress Meadow projecting the face of a dead woman whom he desired.  It was until later he was revealed to be the battleship Vulgyre itself!


  1. You also forget Lord Bias, not a alien he is actually a Science Academia Professor later revealed in the series.


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