The Erroneous World of Dubbed Super Sentai

As a Super Sentai fan, I personally feel I'd rather read accurate subs even if it sometimes hurts my eyes.  In fact, there have been a lot of errors and there's only a few out of many I can point out:

Maybe the one I could share first is the Bioman English dub.  Plenty of stuff were altered like the powers of the New Empire Gear are exaggerated (for example, the bomb that was set on an earthquake fault was actually only meant to destroy Japan, not the whole world).  Plus, it really is something to realize that the Prince was introduced as Dr. Man's son, Mason knows Dr. Man was human from that episode and there was NO plot to steal the world's energy reserves.  A lot more will be known by fans later through GUIS to how many errors there are.

Another was Hikari Sentai Maskman translated as "Laser Squadron Maskman" when it should be "Light Taskforce Maskman".  Hikari means light, not laser.  The Tagalog dub not only erroneously translated the opening and ending songs but also pretty much the whole show in itself.  For example, Igam's gender crisis was never brought up in the Tagalog version thus further confusing Filipino viewers.

For Jetman, there's really a lot of errors in the Filipino dub.  For example, Ryu is told by Aya to stop crying like a kid when he mourns over Rie's supposed death making her sound like a bitch while the real words she said in the Japanese version are, "Cry now Ryu so you won't have to later."

Any more you can name?  Please mention but don't forget to state the language. =P