Gai Ikari: The Silver Sentai Fanboy

Gai Ikari... a fanboy who gets his dream to come true but in the most unusual way.  So what's it going to be and where do I start?  Well he was just your average Super Sentai fan who one way after the other, was living life selflessly and he was the friendly Gai, the nice Gai, the all around Gai... 

So Gai Ikari one day met a truck accident while trying to save a little girl, an accident that could have either killed him or nearly killed him.  Regardless, it was a miracle he lived through that but it was speculated but never confirmed he was living on borrowed life thus leading to the urban legend he would die so soon.  He was selected by the ghosts of Mikoto, Burai and Naoto to become Gokai Silver, the only human Gokaiger who will help them identify all the previous Super Sentai.  At first he was rejected by Marvelous but overtime the Gokaigers grew to accept him as one of them.  Doc had some jealousy moments, he seemed to be lovey dovey with Ahim (but that's never established) and it just becomes one way or another, he was a blazing fanboy who had some very unique skills like merging Ranger Keys or creating his Gold Armor.

Maybe I should mention about his cool mecha Gouzyujin?  It was one awesome mecha.  For one made me think that he was really important to the team but of course, I don't expect the to accept him immediately.  Best moments?  Maybe this one...

Yup it was him team-up with Ryou showing he can really still fight even without his powers.  Amazing footwork we have there which has to be his greatest considering he shows he can really fight!

Eventually he plays as a key to moral decisions like with the Greatest Treasure when his fellow Gokaigers find out the greatest treasure is with each other.  As a moral compass of sorts, he was able to lead them to make the best decision ever wrapping things up for the epic defeat of Ackdos Gill.


  1. Gai Ikari is the most unique 6th Sentai or Bangai hero as he is a average Joe and a Otaku! The writer did his job to make Gai work in the series.
    The anti hero who started out as a villain, the sleeper hero who shows up and the 1st warrior of the team has been done more often then Gai's color. He is the second comic relief character who is a 6th Bangai hero.

    As I said before, Gai is a Standalone character who could have his own show let alone appear in Taisen movie alone.


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