The Long Awaited Final Zyuohger Arc Update

After four weeks without a Zyuohger update, I'm back as I said and I'm giving a longer than usual update. This is the finale arc which had me mixed. So how does Junko Komura stand out on my own point of view? This will cover episodes 45-48 with my thoughts on each plot. As promised, here it is and enjoy my thoughts on the finale arc. 

Episodes 45-46 features the truth about Azald. Azald's indestructible or is it? He turns out to be the cosmic god of destruction that Cetas sealed long ago. He was sealed away into space but was rescued by Genis. Is it me or are ancient warriors really that F*CKING STUPID not to kill off the ancient foes and just leaves the rest of the work to modern day heroes? Then again most of them may have not the technology to do so which may be an bit of an excuse or if it wasn't for their stupidity we won't get more Super Sentai series.

The way Cube Whale reacted to Azald made sense with the whole plot that the latter is actually a destruction god. He's almost indestructible but they all found out how to destroy him. There's that weird core that managed to rebuild Azald over and over again. I guess most heroes can't find that whole weakness in past Super Sentai. I can't blame them for that lapse. Nobody ever thinks about that so often and I don't think I'd easily find it myself either. They manage to exploit that weakness and win but there's still some bit more of the story.

Sidenote, there's been that misunderstanding on the part of Yamato and his father. Yamato's father wasn't a heartless guy. He had a struggle and while he wanted to see his wife's dying moments but he had a patient to take care off. Now only if Yamato's father was a bit more open and that problem woudn't happen. Fortunately the misunderstanding has been resolved between both father and son.

The two part finale features Genis' plan to take over the Earth with his cells. What I liked about the final confrontation was that everyone had to put their priorities straight to prevent Genis' ultimate plan to take over the Earth. The Zyuohgers battle their way through to pick out the Genis Tower. It just felt a bit of a "rip off" of the Satan Tower from Zyuranger. They get rid of it but Genis like every typical villain never goes down without a fight.

The final episode sort of had a rip from the Space Sheriffs. Genis creates a pocket space to trap the Zyuohgers. Yamato discovers that Genis is simply made up of composite Moebas that somehow gained a united consciousness. Genis kills Naria and shows he's pretty cruel and uncaring towards everyone and only sought his own benefit! The power of the Earth caused the Zyuohgers to recover from their predicament of temporarily losing their powers. Atypical final battle ensues which I thought wasn't that good.

The ending's kind of funny. After the Zyuohgers sought to return to their world to talk to their stupid superiors the two worlds merge. It's been hinted that both Zyuoh World and the human world are two separate spaces. So really if and if Zyuohger isn't self-contained (because Kamen Rider Ghost made an appearance as a guest in it rather than in a crossover movie and so did the Gokaigers) so how can Toei explain the events in the Dinosaur Sentai Trilogy or Go-onger's concept of multiple worlds into Zyuohger? These events contradict each other so I guess one has to assume a Super Sentai Multiverse or leave viewers to decide for themselves. Meanwhile, I'll just brace myself for the Zyuohger OVA to see how a united human world and Zyuoh World will be.

So how as the Zyuohger finale?


  1. I have mostly similar "mixed feels" at those two last episode.

    Plus, I feel super sentai nowadays have their main villain has less strong by looking screen time of battle. This may I'm influenced by Shinkenger main villain so strong when the team have to encountered him multiple times.

    1. @Galvin

      I do agree with your sentiment. I feel like that a lot of main villains appear less strong and that some of the were easily defeated. I guess it's all part of how certain writers run out of good ideas or just lazy to make a decent final episode.


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