My First Few Super Far-Fetched Wishes For Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger

It's no secret that 2017 would have another new Star Wars film this December and May 25, 1977 is the time when Star Wars: A New Hope premiered. Kyuranger pretty much a lot of American sci-fi influences considering that it has an American input. So what am I expecting for Kyuranger for the whole season? Here's some of my expectations which I don't expect to come true but wish they would.

I'm expecting a little more from Lucky than just being his namesake. Maybe add it that his happy-go-lucky cover lies underneath a tragic side of him. I'm just thinking of something like Luke Skywalker. Maybe have a plot where the Shishi system was ran down by the Jark Matter Shogunate. He's pretending to be happy go lucky to help him in his fight against Jark Matter. But I want to give him a situation similar to Luke Skywalker. I hope we'll get a Darth Vader type villain for the show to add some seriousness to balance the show. Just imagine if we had a villain who says, "Lucky I am your father!" and our hero screams "NOOOOO!!!!" like Luke.

The entire season should stay in space than go back to Earth. Juspion started out with space but ended up taking its battle to Earth after the first few episodes. It's time to try and improve the whole space concept since it's already 2017. The visual effects have been better due to better digital special effects. This time, get space, space and more space and not just keep the battles on Earth. They would seek to liberate different planets from the clutches of the Space Shogunate.

I feel that there's the need to expand the story of the Space Shogunate on how it ascended into power as well as its ruler Don Armage. I want Don Armage to have some kind of explanation of how he ascended into power in the first place. Maybe just modify Darth Sidious' story in Star Wars for the Super Sentai setting would be good. Maybe give Don Armage some cryptic background that he's restoring some ancient order and IMO, add the ancient secrets of the first Kyurangers though it's not necessary. I would want to have Don Armage desire to corrupt Lucky into becoming his personal servant aside from just having a Darth Vader villain. Also, he should give a real air of intimidation and fearsome presence whenever he appears.

Have some old school and new school Toku actors guest star as different characters if they took place in a space-themed Tokusatsu. For now, I'd want to have guest appearances by Hikaru Kurosaki (Juspion), Hiroshi Watari (Sharivan/Spielban), Junichi Haruta (due to his role as Mad Gallant in Juspion), Kihachiro Uemara (due to his role as Green Flash and Chevalier) or have the next generation of Space Sheriffs guest star as different characters. Hmmm... call me crazy but I want to have Hiroshi Watari or Junichi Haruta play my dream Darth Vader type villain for the series.

What wishes do you have for the series? COMMENT!


  1. Star Wars will always be borrowed for other stories but then again Lucas borrowed from the Black Cauldron and The Hidden Fortress. In Dairangers, Ryo and Iron Face Choryo had the Luke and Vader relationship.
    I thought Choryo should have been a ongoing antagonist for more then 2 episodes.

    I do see the Han Solo and Chewbacca/C-3PO relationship in Silver and Gold.

    Red would have been much more a character if he was Luke Skywalker based. He comes off more like Wedge Antilles as Luke was never much a leader type and I am sorry but a main hero and leader named "Lucky" is not what I call imposing character!!!!

    Yes, with the exception of Hiroshi Tsuburaya, I would like to see Kenji Ohba, Hiroshi Watari and Junichi Hurata back as guest characters or just as the Space Sheriffs!!!!
    Hikaru Kurosaki is going to be a tough one because he retired from acting and with his wife's passing he may not even want to be asked to return to the limelight!

    1. For me I'd want to see Kenji Ohba, Hiroshi Watari and Junichi Haruta as guest characters or villains. IMO, I think either Watari or Ohba could play as a Darth Vader type villain. After all, we're havign a Palpatine like villain running the show.

      Nothing's original these days. What matters is proper implementation. Why I don't like Americanization of Asian shows is because of how they usually turn out. A good show is pretty much one in a hundred, thousand or even a million when it's an Americanized version.

  2. Speaking of Juspion and Magne Warrior
    Here is a interview of the once great JAC star...


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