Kyuranger Space 2: An Emo Thief And His C3PO Android Join The Rebellion

Last week's Kyuranger featured a preview and we're on to Planet Jigama. Two thieves who seem to be a parody of some Star Trek or Star Wars alien named Naga and C3PO (?!) named Balance are the next Kyurangers. They get shock to know that they're part of the entire team.

So what's up with Jigama? Jigama's actually an industrialized planet and the Malistrate (the official name of the monster of the week) rules certain planets. Jigama is under the rule of Gammetsui a lizard-like alien. We learn that the Malistrates are the lowest ranking officials while Menasters rule the 88 constellations. It seems to be like the Galactic Empire of Star Wars with the military and political command under Darth Sidious. As of right now, it's highly possible that Eridron the first field commander might be equivalent to a Grand Moff in Star Wars. What's interesting is that May 27, 2017 is going to be Star Wars' 40th anniversary!

I mentioned last week that Lucky was indeed a far-fetch from Luke Skywalker. My reasons are that he's happy go lucky while Luke was always in doubt about his destiny. He easily runs into the Robin Hood duo. I was expecting Naga to be a Han Solo type but he's quite an emo. Naga is from the Ophicus system where they went to the extremes of becoming emotards to prevent wars. There's also a cool water battle against the Indaver soldiers (a play on Invader) as well as a lot of spy-type action. They must deal with the Malistrate Gammetsui. Balance tried to betray them for that special gem but made a Han Solo. In other words, he deviated from his original plan for the good of the galaxy.

We get more of a preview of how the Kyurangers will do their mecha. Right now, I don't think Toei will rush with the nine mecha combination. We see both the mecha of the new rangers create new arms for Kyuren-oh though no official name is given yet. They will all be acting as auxiliary mecha to the main five team. I'm still expecting more mecha though since I don't think the show wants to stop with nine or will it? You know how Super Sentai has always been meant to be a huge toy commercial. Innovation doesn't only focus on storylines but also on different gimmicks to sell more Bandai merchandise.

Next week will definitely be another episode. Stinger who'll become another orange ranger is coming out. Note that Battle Fever J, ToQGer and Zyuohger all have orange rangers in their inventory. How will this guy work out in the team? I can't wait to find out as the fight to destroy the Galactic Empire will be a long one. 

Closing notes:

What should you expect from this blog? Just expect weekly reviews of Kyuranger episodes. If you want to get updated with the merchandise or upcoming films then just read more from UkiyaSeed, Henshin Grid or JEFusion to get those updates. Also don't expect me to do chapter by chapter reviews of other old school Super Sentai. I may write something about them when more subs get released by Grown Ups In Spandex or Millionfold but they'll just pop out at random. I may do a review on the upcoming crossover involving Kyuranger so watch out for it. 


  1. Zyuohger actually never has an orange Ranger (unless you can consider The World for him having orange as one of his colors).

  2. have watched this episode, it really bugged me during op when non humanoid ranger have no introduction name, maybe they would re introduces?

    btw, do you know that non humanoid ranger have slightly different costumes style?

    1. Yes. That also should bug me. And yes, non humanoids have different suits.

      Anyway, just expect some weekly Kyuranger updates which may mostly come in the form of shorts.

  3. I like to see many post of Top Ten of.. from you...


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