Sentai Badass Moment: Girls with Guns in Boukenger!

Now whether or not the Boukengers are alcoholics is still subject to opinion.  While most post-Timeranger Sentai usually fails to get me all that amazed, here was a rare moment in Boukenger that was really worth applauding.  The Boukengers have broken most of their transforming gadgets.  So what's there to it?  Sakura and Natsuki go on a real rampage with GUNS!  Hehehehehe!!!!!!!!

Sakura arrives with a gun... and shows she's definitely not going to be easily taken down.  Plus she's not just eye candy!  I would admit those scenes were really breathtaking for me.  

 Fired up, both girls can show that they aren't ordinary girls.  On the other hand, handing Natsuki a rifle is equivalent to handing a kid a gun.  Now what in the world is Sakura thinking?  She must have gone drinking lots of liquor prior to this insane but badass scene!

Well enough of the breathtaking view... let's move on to the real fight scene!

Just think... that rifle scene looks really awesome for me!  In my case, I would really think this is almost like a Tomb Raider episode.

Natsuki manages to fire the rifle right for someone who's probably damaged beyond repair... and she saves Sakura from an incoming Karth.  I would admit it was unexpected for a klutz like Natsuki to actually fire at that Karth.  Come on, she's a klutz but she's managed to fight out of suit.

One two... you can't deny that she's really going to go on a real rifle scheme!!!!

After some rather insane rifle scenes... just think.  You really, really CANNOT deny how crazy the scene really was to start with!  After some awesome gun scenes with both Sakura and Natsuki, they manage to save the boys just in time!


  1. This reminds me of Ohranger where a Baramonster taints the rest of the the team member's swim wear except Oh yellow Juri. As her friends are under Baranoia's control. She roams in the jungle alone and pulls out a M-80?!?!


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