Sentai Comedy: Takeru's Past in Hikari Sentai Maskman

Maskman had one particular episode that I found funny... but at the same time not all that surprising. I mean Takeru back 13 years ago remind me of me as a child. Now here's where the comedy is really kicking in...

At the beginning of the episode, Takeru demonstrates his badass karate. Yes it's really, REALLY impressive to see all that. You hardly see that in new school Sentai. Now the whole plot involved time travel because Igam wanted to eliminate Takeru in the past... and for a plan, it certainly IS a good one. Kill Takeru in the past, the Maskmen are forever disbanded. However the episode felt comedic when things don't turn out the way it should be.

But the Maskmen meet a WAY different Takeru than their leader. Now, it made me think of the Shinkenger episode where Takeru Shiba's secret of peeing on his pants over a ghost house incident was funny... but this one is a bigger, darker secret than the second Takeru in the amusement park. Just think, everybody meets Takeru way before he became the good person he is today.

Well of course... this gets everybody's reaction. And I don't get surprised at everyone's reaction when expectation MEETS reality. Just think... Takeru back then was a way different person. I don't feel a bit sorry for Takeru here but the others. Again, this reminded me of the time I lied about my past to others... while I really had a series of behavioral problems. Later, I did admit I was always a problem kid back then... in my case I did a lot of bad stuff because I got fed up with having to do things the hard way. I just wanted to escape reality because... it sucks.

I remembered this scene and saw the words I would probably tell my past self if it ever happened (which won't). Now for one, as a teenager, I hated studying and just wanted an easy life. I wanted to quit school because I sucked at Math. Later in College even if I did have my attitude problem, I soon devoted myself to my studies... even if I didn't graduate on the top but at least I had a different attitude towards studies. However I developed the attitude of hiding my weaknesses, trying to appear strong in front of everyone until I realized it just made me look more idiotic.

This facial expression is far funnier than Chiaki's reaction to Takeru Shiba's "dark secret" of ghost houses and being a pants-wetter as a child... or everybody's reaction to him giving the Ika Origami to Genta. I wonder how Chiaki would have reacted.

Kenta surely shows a really mocking reaction. After all, you can't really help but react that way can you? Hmmm in Ryunosuke's case HE WILL MOST LIKELY DIE OF SHOCK!

So he's really lied to them? Funny not even Haruka could sense it and she's a ninja!

Hehehehe... I love Momoko's reaction in this one. Just think, everybody's aware of what Takeru has been hiding all along. This episode really had a lot of laughs.

Although this one is the truth, Takeru is now truly a good person in the present!


  1. Replies
    1. This was one of my favorite episodes of Maskman. Now what if Maskman's Shinkenger had that dark secret of being a real problem child?!

    2. Episode 38 called" The Time to Erase Takeru"

  2. This was a new change in pace as the show was brutally dark and Takeru was dead serious with no humour. I did like that bit when he did a Kikaider stunt.

    1. I found this episode to be one of my favorite Maskman episodes. It reminds me of me as a kid.


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