My Foolish Childhood Ambition vs. Dr. Man's Backstory!

Perhaps one reason why Bioman somehow clicks to me is this... before I saw it I had my craziest ambition to become the world's greatest genius. My memory is blur and I don't remember everything about it since it was at least 21 years ago but I can still think of that one moment in my life that traumatized me SO MUCH... that memories of stuff a few years ago tends to fade in my head. The event happened BEFORE I saw Bioman which was why this scene terrified me as a kid!

Recalling what my mind could recall, around seven or eight years old, I began with the obsession of artificially increasing my intelligence. I wanted to start a series of experiments that would convert my mind into like that of a computer. It was because I suck at Math I wanted to have the mind of a computer. I viewed machines as never wrong and having viewed too much cartoons, I wanted to ameliorate my brain. It was also because people were calling me stupid I wanted to become the world's greatest genius.

Which of course, it's no wonder why I had my fright with Dr. Man's origins. I wanted to artificially increase my intelligence no matter what. I believed by sending shocks to my brain, it can trigger the intelligent cells and make me more intelligent. Funny how Bioman's backstory of Dr. Man showed me my foolish thoughts.

In my case, I believed a higher IQ would boost my chances of success. I was soon going down from the top ranks and entered into the bottom ranks. I didn't want that to happen so I began to think, "I must become the world's greatest genius!" It was my ambition back then to become a robotics scientist which never came to pass considering I suck in Math and physics. I was simply deluded into believing I could become the world's greatest genius.

It's no wonder why Dr. Man's origins SHOCKED me (pun intended) to which I ignored the possibility of my body's health if I really did it to myself. And worse...

What was weirder was that whenever I had my unusual temper tantrums and desire to become the world's greatest genius, I was told that my bad temper, lack of patience and could make me grow old faster. This of course, frightened me when I saw Dr. Man age into an old man... REALLY QUICK! I jumped off my seat seeing the whole origin story because... I was warned beforehand that I might suddenly grow very old with what I was doing!

It wasn't helping me at all that, I believed that I should become that "one genius" to lead humanity. I was a messed up kid with plans for world domination. In my later years, I saw that I was no genius, I started to hate studying and wanted a shortcut solution to everything. Then it came that because of my poor grades (I had bad study habits), I wanted to become a mecha human instead of a human. No wonder why Dr. Man's decision to become a robot kind of put me to shame.

The worst where times when I failed in a science exam and having a bitchy science teacher wasn't helping, I soon said, "If I had a son and he failed in any of his exams, I will definitely kill him!" That was, I soon swore I would practically disown my own son if he couldn't match up... as a result of my frustrations. I still had that crazy ambition in mind returning back and forth.

And the worse was yet to come back then. I thought that living on as a Mecha Human. I was thinking if I stop being human, I start becoming a fully pledged robot, if I cast away humanity I can indeed become a person with no error if I can accomplish all that. I would take over the world and start a new age under my rule.

Way before I knew Dr. Man, I kind of wanted to become Dr. Sean, create an army of robots and conquer the world. I soon started with one crazy imagination after the other like replacing certain people I hated with Mecha Human version of themselves, destroy every scientific research facility and anything that would rival me in my quest for world domination! Which of course, I'm glad none of these happened and the events are just fiction!

This of course also brings me back to my other dream. I always said, "If I can't rule the world, no one can have it." I wanted to create a nuclear bomb that would soon obliterate the Earth. I found my conscience ticked by that scene every time I watch it.

This of course was nothing more than deluded thinking that soon made me think... looking back at these events, I' urged to cosplay as Dr. Man for once. Not to mention, I'm simply tempted to create a parody mad scientist out of Dr. Man one way or another.


  1. Well....Good thing you didnt become like Dr. Man. I liked to see you cosplay him one day.

    1. Although I'm tempted to make a Dr. Man parody based on myself.


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