Sentai Badass Moment: Haruka's Ninjutsu Focus in Maskman Episode 12!

Maskman episode 12 is easily one reason why Haruka is a real badass.  It's really surprising for me that after seeing Mika and Jun, we get Haruka.  I guess they all wanted to experiment the concept of having a female ninja ranger.  We did have Dynaman's Ryu Hoshikawa.  Now I haven't seen enough Dynaman to say who's better.  For Maskman, Haruka is one huge powerhouse!

One of the things to impress me in htis episode is how much Haruka values the art of ninjutsu and maintaining one's honor.  She is badass, kickass but she never leaves her honor.  It's amazing to see how she literally disappeared before her teammates to stop both Fuumin and Oyobur in the competition to become a Super Shinobi.  At the same time, this episode establishes her rivalry with Fuumin which is similar to the rivalry of Yellow 4 vs. Farrah Cat and later it was repeated with Five Yellow vs. Zaza.

And I would also like to credit how I just love Haruka's art of deception.  While she is kickass, you cannot deny this... ninjas have their art of deception.  I just love how she actually fooled a lot of people in one episode, kicked ass and saved the day.  Overall, you can't deny she is one awesome fighter!


  1. Unfortunately maskman din't put too much focus on haruka

  2. Haruka had a few focus here and there especially as a dance teacher. I never knew what her skills was aside maybe she knows kung fun as she wields a lash.

    Then she is a ninja master and we see her uses ninjitsu anymore afterwards wards.

    1. The dance teacher episode was also a pretty badass episode IMO.

  3. one more episode when she lost her power/ability to fight bcos she relay to much on her other team mates...


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