Super Sentai and Attack of Killer Flowers

Super Sentai had some flower power attacks. Here's a few I can remember. If I missed any, just comment.

In Bioman episode 24, Dr. Man sends Poison Moth Kans to turn all flowers into bombs. I would consider this scheme to be more subtle than Mason's balloon bomb. In this case, innocent flower breeders never know they had already become unknowing accomplices of New Empire Gear.

In Maskman episode 15, Igam and Fumin spread the Hell Flowers. They are another source of nightmare fuel for me. It involved Momoko using her Carol Love flowers to finally defeat the effect of the red flowers. They spread a mysterious plague as well.

In Flashman episode 10, the Garubari was sent to create man-eating monster flowers. This was part of Mess' plan to manipulate life through Earth's vegetation. 

In Fiveman episode 15, Meadow turned one of the Sidon flowers into a rampaging flower demon. It was a real nightmare with how this flower monster was killing people. It looked like a harmless giant flower at first but beware, it really does kill people!

In Zyuranger episode 27, Bandora's newest monster Dora Guzzler turned flowers into vicious biters. Unlike in MMPR, the episode itself also spread a deadly mysterious plague along with the flowers. Mei was involved with two kids who were flower breeders. In Bandora's case, her killer flowers are one of those really scary plots and hard to get out of traps!


  1. Flashman ep 10..attack the flower girl trap...

    1. I haven't seen much Flashman tbh but thanks for the additional information!


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