Sentai Badass Moment: Hoji's Badass Fighting Against Jilvan!

You all by now Hoji IS my top favorite Dekaranger.  Now here's what I think is easily the most badass moment in Dekaranger.  It's Hoji's OUT OF SUIT fighting against Jilvan.  Actor Tyuyoshi Hoshi really scores big time as well.

The episode focuses on an illegal steroid called Megagestrine.  We also learn why Hoji is such a pro in this series with his ever battling persistence.  He really shows he's one blue ranger you can't mess with!  It also teaches an important lesson to children not to take things the easy way and glory doesn't come easy in a wrapped package!

Hoji shows what true strength is... not in taking drugs but IN really being a real man.  He gets defeated but he doesn't give up and shows why he's really a pro.  One must realize that true victory doesn't come easy and Hoji proves it!

So he is injured but he does the most amazing thing.  He goes into intense training to fulfill the mission.  At this point, the evil Tylerian Dulden is not aware that he is a Dekaranger!  Even if the others are against it, he shows he's one badass cop you can't easily take down!

Hoji does intense training.  It's really badass to see him do ALL THAT training.  None of the Dekarangers really ever got this badass.  

What makes it even more unique is that his specialty is NOT hand to hand but he tries something new.  Well that's real determination for you!

The rematch begins and it's going to be a REALLY huge rematch... and it gets really exciting with Hoji showing his raw power.

Hoji lands in a few punches and even when Jilvan counters, he doesn't give up!

It's time for some fanservice.  What makes this scene awesome is when he finally goes shirtless to beat the crap out of Jilvan!  Jilvan has swallowed a lot of steroids and Hoji is out of suit.  That's what makes this fight scene amazing.  Hoji is showing what true power is.

 Hoji shows he is NOT going to give up.  After some magnificent fighting, Jilvan is defeated!  I really love how this scene was shot!

Hoji has won and... Jilvan has lost.  After ten counts, Hoji becomes the winner which gives us to the end of the awesome scene.  Hoji finally infiltrates Durden's den to close the case.  A really magnificent thing happens after that.

Even AFTER the duel, he shows he's still badass when he finally turns into Deka Blue.  The other Dekarangers assist him in taking out the trash.  Overall, this shows why he's the best Dekaranger for me!


  1. This is the one thing that Tengasei Daigo could not do to save his life. Though not a Blue but still second in command, Daigo could not defeat his opponent with his " skills" as he always end up pulling His side arm and weapon. But Hoji uses his physical might only without his powered form and beats a monster with his bare hands.


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