The Wooden Shack in Jetman and Shinkenger

While reading through Orends Range, here's one site I failed to notice.  It's the wooden shack in Shinkenger could be the same wooden shack in Jetman.  It made me think of a bit of similarities here.  Now for some comparisons and differences:

In Chojin Sentai Jetman episode 50 one can see Ryu nursing to Kaori who manages to survive Radiguet's attack.  Now it's questionable really since she was out of suit when it happened, it could have killed her. It was in this shack that Kaori tries to reach out of Ryu one way or another. This was the scene where Ryu was still obsessed with killing Radiguet for murdering Rie.  Ryu was lost in revenge and wanting only to avenge Rie.  Kaori reminds Ryu of who he really is... a Jetman and the warrior that Rie loved so much.  She reminded him of Rie's last words prior to their final battle with Radiguet.

The scene was somewhat copied into Shinkenger but in another way.  Here Takeru Shiba and Mako have another scene.  Takeru Shiba recklessly fights Juzo and nearly wounds himself.  Mako wants to find out what's wrong with him.  Unlike Ryu and Kaori, nothing romantic is ever implied, just Mako trying to figure out what's wrong with Takeru Shiba.  With the scene where Takeru Shiba shoves her off but she follows him while suspecting something is wrong.  Takeru Shiba doesn't admit the truth yet about who he really is, he doesn't want to put Mako nor anyone in danger for him.  This scene still creates some dramatic tension between Mako and Takeru Shiba... because she is hiding something.  No one knows, not even the audience knows what it is until Shinkenger episode 46.