Sentai Badass Moment: Ryuta Nanbara's First Solo Adventure in Bioman!

In Bioman, I've revealed how Ryuta Nanbara is my favorite Bioman.  Now here's the episode wher ehe got into a solo adventure which made him really amazing.  You can read the episode review by Orends Range here.  Now for that moment of badass:

Yes, Ryuta Nanbara falls victim for Dr. Man's latest crackpot plot... which involves capturing kids to power up some computer system.  The plot of the episode is where Dr. Man uses some kids as hostages... to which he hopes to get the Biomen's data so he can strike them down.  Well, the whole episode has him showing he's one incredible badass!  After being beaten down by Farrah, Farrah Cat, Messerjuu and a couple of Mecha Clones, he does get his fighting power increased because of his motivation to SAVE THE CHILDREN!

Yet another moment you can't deny is that he had his Bio Power increased to the unusual level.  Just think, he was motivated to save the kids and he later realizes that he's being analyzed.  Just once in his whole career, Blue Three uses up a Bio Power Full Charge and SHOCKS Messerjuu which I think is a life threatening move!

The best part?  Well this is the first time we see a Beastnoid being single-handedly defeated by a Bioman.  An overpowered Blue Three uses his Bio Sword and beats Messerjuu... with the beam effect.  Almost like a tribute to Gavan/Sharivan/Shaider to me!!!!


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