Power Rangers Wild Force References for Next Week's Gokaiger?

Taken from Henshin Grid are the following pieces of information.  They are:

Kaneko Noboru will guest star, after he has been shown in some J-Drama series.  Strangely enough, Richard Medina Jr. has shown up in Power Rangers but as the human form of Deker (villain).  Okay it's out of topic.

They will be transforming into Gaoranger and well, a Gao Yellow ith a skirt appears probably a tribute to Taylor Eardheart.


  1. Sean, the skirts aren't tributes lol.

  2. Yeah, Hurricane Blue loses her skirt when Joe uses her powers... of course, the blue Ninja Storm Wind Ranger wasn't male! I wonder if PR will refilm GokaiYellow's transformations where there was no skirt on a female ranger in the past?


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