Some Childhood Nostalgia and Missing Pieces of Childhood of Sentai Fans in 199 Great Battle

So why am I saying that there's a childhood nostalgia in me?  Well here's what's going on:

First, it's a childhood nostalgia for the really older fans will be with the appearances of Naoya Makoto as Aka Ranger and Hiroshi Miyauchi as Big One.  However Hiroshi Miyauchi for me is best remembered as Kamen Rider V3.  They were those who watched Goranger (dubbed as Star Rangers in the Philippines) as well as JAKQ.

Second, it's also a childhood nostalgia for those recalling the pre-Power Rangers days in the Philippines. With who?  Ryosuke Sakamoto remembering the Bio Integrate phrase, Junichi Haruta will be Goggle Black and Kenji Ohba (remembered him best as Gavan) or the legendary Kenta Satou who will be Red Turbo (I count him as another Jason David Frank of Super Sentai).  Too bad, Super Sentai isn't being shown anymore thanks to overrating Power Rangers and all things American and not giving the other side a chance.  Honestly, can't the local networks REALLY consider that not everything American is good?  Hero TV really NEEDS to reconsider what it's doing and get newer Super Sentai series than just keep sticking to Power Rangers.

Also, there are missing pieces of a childhood that didn't have much Super Sentai with Keichi Wada.  Dairanger was indeed an awesome series.


  1. according to a facebook page of tv5, they are trying their best to air super sentai once more

  2. Glad to hear you're happy about it. ^__^

    Now if only I can see the 90s guys that I'm nostalgic for. =D

  3. yes.. those stupid power rangers series have really replaced super sentai series on Philippine tv. i hope Super Sentai Returns to Philippine TV real soon

  4. Trre. Power Rangers is EVIL too much. We need SUPER SENTAI TAMASHII NOW! And thanks to Gokaiger, There's never a better time than to air some shows they never got to air. I mean, how many other Asian countries that still air Sentai other than Hong Kong?

  5. I agree with you, Sean, as well as all of the posters here. I always felt that Power Rangers were very inferior to Super Sentai, anyway.

    Plus to be honest, the only PR seasons I liked were MMPR season 2 (due to Lord Zedd), Zeo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Time Force, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, & RPM. That's it.

    Everything else about PR can suck it. The only sentai seasons that I don't care for out of 35 of them so far are Go-Onger & Goseiger. Other than that, Sentai is far more superior to PR in every way.

  6. Correct!! Sentai is much better.... I really am tuning in on the fb page of TV5 if anything comes up.... because it might be near when sentai returns on philippine TV!!

  7. TV5 can air the sentais, the only problem is scheduling issues....

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